Conditions of Sale – (General)

1. Please examine tiles on receipt. The manufacturer’s guarantee if any, is the only guarantee given to buyer in respect of goods.

2. Shade variations are inherent in all fired clay products and are one of their natural characteristics.

3. Tempe Tile Centre accepts no responsibility in respect of any variations between samples shown and actual tiles supplied.

4. No tiles guaranteed against crazing. Crazing is classed as a traditional hazard of the trade.

5. Return of goods:

                      * Will have 20% handling charge

                      * Must be of current stock and shade

                      * Must be in original and unopened cartons

                      * An original invoice must be shown

                      * No return on specials

6. Goods shall remain the property of Tempe Tile Centre until all funds settled.

7. No claim will be accepted after tiles have been fixed.

8. Tempe Tile Centre shall not be liable for any damage, breakage or any loss whatsoever incurred by the customer after delivery.

9. Tempe Tile Centre shall not be liable in any respect for advice provided regarding the fixing, grouting or cleaning of tiles nor for any damages or loss incurred as a result of any delay in delivery of material or otherwise.

10. All goods are to be paid for before leaving the warehouse.

11. No responsibility taken for ordered goods left in our premises for a period of more than one week unless prior arrangements have been made.

12. A 20% handling charge applies on all cancelled orders.

Marble and Granite (Special Instructions)

1. Due to the fact that marble and granite are natural products, reasonable variations in colour and veining must be expected and Tempe Tile Centre shall not be liable for any such variations as may occur in materials supplied.

2. Marble and granite tiles should never be cleaned with acid or acid based industrial cleaners.

3. Green Marble: The composition of this marble includes a certain degree of copper which undergoes a chemical reaction when exposed to a strong alkaline solution (such as cement and water). It is therefore not possible to use cement or cement based adhesive when fixing green marble tiles as this would cause burning or blistering to the tile’s surface. Only a pure epoxy primer, spread evenly over the entire back of the tile can be used when fixing these tiles. In addition grouting must also be done with a pure epoxy grout.